Career Transition

Is your organization going through a corporate restructuring, merger, or acquisition?

Do you have a leader who is not a good fit in their current position?

Do you have a leader preparing to retire who needs to successfully transfer their knowledge to a successor?

These transitions are difficult to manage and require much attention and assistance.  VLV provides full service career transition and outplacement services to assist employees in successfully navigating change.

Our focus is providing a positive framework to help the client find the right path and position based upon their skills, values and vision.  We have found that a successful transition is dependent upon the following:

  • Self-Confidence – Gained through an understanding and acceptance of the change
  • Self-Awareness – Gained through assessment and life visioning process
  • Self-Perception – Gained through coaching and interviewing feedback

VLV Career Transition Process:

Identifying Vision: The coach utilizes the VLV visioning tools to clearly identify the client’s life vision based upon their values and desires.  This is used as the foundation for finding a new position and making future decisions.

Career Transition Coaching: The coaching focuses upon creating a positive paradigm switch.

Resume / Social Media Profile Analysis: A full analysis will be made of all client profiles to ensure a consistent and professional message.

Interviewing Skills: Mock interviews will be held and thorough feedback given to strengthen both skills and confidence.

Job Market Assistance: Work with the client in identifying opportunities through a variety of venues, including online job sites, recruiters, traditional and online networking.

Confidentiality: The content of all sessions is held strictly confidential in accordance with the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Code of Ethics.