Executive/Leadership Development Coaching

Are your leaders proactive and strategic thinkers?

Do your leaders possess outstanding communication and motivational skills to inspire and propel their team?

Are your leaders effectively cultivating the desired company culture and future leaders?

At VLV, our goal is to ensure that the answer to all of those questions is “yes”.  Our coaches partner with our clients to:

  • Achieve potential, infuse thought, and provide feedback
  • Become a change agent
  • Create positive paradigm shifts
  • Develop motivational techniques
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Enhance leadership skills and presence
  • Implement effective talent management strategies


VLV’s coaching is a powerful, professional partnership focused on propelling the client forward to determine and achieve their desired goals.  We drive results through a process of thought provoking questions, probing, active listening, and the use of VLV’s visioning tools to clearly define the client’s life vision and overcome any obstacles to achieving it.  Together, the coach and the client, design strategies and take action to integrate and attain their vision and the company’s vision.  This synergy is the catalyst for increased engagement, and individual and company performance.  The relationship with the coach is based on trust, honesty, openness, and confidentiality.

VLV Executive Development Process:

Information Gathering:  Discussions are held with executive management to gain a clear understanding of the strategic vision and the desired outcome of the coaching.

Exploratory Session:  An initial session clarifies the client’s objectives to maximize the desired outcome.

Setting the Foundation:  The coach begins by gaining insight as to where the client is today and the current obstacles that need to be addressed.  The coach determines the best assessment and VLV tools to evoke awareness and set the client on their path.

Defining the Vision:  Through the coaching, the client clearly defines their life vision and path to achievement.  This life vision better equips them to handle competing priorities and future decisions.

Creating Awareness and Strategizing:  The coach serves as a mirror, sounding board, and reality check in this pivotal discovery process.  The client gains an understanding of perceptions, management style, and effective tool for success.

Action and Accountability:  The coach assists the client and holds them accountable in taking the action steps to achieve the desired outcome, overcome obstacles, enhance leadership skills and presence, and motivate and develop their team.

Feedback & Results:  At the conclusion of the coaching sessions the client is provided a personalized Life Vision document that reflects their determined values, goals, and strategies for attainment.

Confidentiality:  The content of all sessions is held strictly confidential in accordance with the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Code of Ethics.